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The deep inner peace and union experienced during her yoga practices is what inspires Melanie to share her passion for yoga with others.

A practitioner for over 20 years, Melanie chose to nurture her love of yoga by completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification at Passage Studios in Calgary.  She is also a certified Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra instructor and has developed a passion for energy healing, being a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.  She will often incorporate Reiki into her yoga classes, as she believes the two practices complement each other extremely well. 

In her classes, Melanie strives to create an environment of inclusivity, peace and non-judgement, doing her best to ensure that each of her students' needs are met with the utmost kindness and respect.




Colin Hillstrom has been passionate about sound and music all of his life. A certified sound healer since 1995, Colin considers himself an Instrument for Love, Peace & Light when he curates cosmic sound waves with his 16 Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls. Colin has recorded a meditation CD with bowls and cello and has written several books on healing relationships. He certifies yoga teachers and holistic healers in his method of facilitating consciousness and healing with quartz crystal singing bowls. He resides in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, AB.



To Matthew, the combination of movement, breath and mind within the practice of yoga is like a graceful dance with the inner self.  He believes that there is something for everybody in yoga, no matter how they get introduced to it.  We are all here to inspire each other, so we can all grow strong together, and that is a beautiful thing.   

Matthew loves to be in and around nature, whether that is hiking, biking, camping or cold dipping.  He is also a big believer in breathwork.  Matthew has been practicing the Wim Hof Method, and other pranayama techniques for even longer than his yoga practice, which has been beneficial in his life.  He likes to challenge himself on a regular basis by getting out of his comfort zone... trying to find comfort in the discomfort.  He likes to encourage students to challenge themselves, to find those edges and play with them.  We are all a lot more capable than we think we are. Matthew has also found a love for guitar, which he sometimes incorporates at the end of his classes as he believes that singing nourishes the soul.



'Be where your feet are' - Yoga gives us the ability to arrive, to land in our bodies and attune to the present moment. Over many years as both a facilitator and student of yoga, I have witnessed the unfolding of profound transformation that comes when individuals surrender into the practice. Moving through the many layers of being, starting from the physical, working into the mental, and energetic layers, and towards a heightened state of consciousness.   

Yoga is an embodied experience. In my teachings I invite students to show up as they are, to release what keeps them tethered. I know that yoga is not just a source of health, balance, and serenity, but of freedom. Freedom to breathe. Freedom to be in the moment, to live the life you dream of.    




Prior to moving to Cochrane in 2022, Maryna ran a boutique style Kids and Adult yoga studio and Yoga Childcare business in Winnipeg for 6 years. She is also a mom of an amazing 7 year old boy who has practiced yoga with her since he was 10 days new.

Specializing in health and wellness, Maryna is an energetic advocate for thriving health and abundant living.  She holds over 500 hours of yoga training in various disciplines of adult and kids yoga & meditation and is certified in Art Therapy and Education (Math Teacher, Ukraine). Maryna also incorporates her additional training in Cognitive Behaviour Techniques and Neurobiology when teaching her classes.

In her teaching and in her life, Maryna is grateful for the powerful influence of two teachers who have taught her a great deal about spirituality, deep inner-listening, and conscious communication - Jonathan Austin (her yoga teacher who follows the way of a great Indian spiritual master) and her husband. Maryna lives a Yogis lifestyle and enjoys sharing yoga and meditation with adults and children of all ages.



Kelly has a soft and inclusive teaching style, creating classes that can be enjoyed by every BODY at every level. She wants everyone to feel welcome and at home in their bodies and hearts. Students can expect un-rushed and mindful classes with Kelly, with slow flow elements interspersed with elements of stillness and grounding. She carefully plans her classes with anatomy in mind, using the asana practice to facilitate mobility and strength into targeted areas. Although her style is soft and sweet, she will push students to explore the capabilities of their bodies, cuing students to rest in the pillars of breath and “effortless effort”.

Kelly is your local “nature nut” and off of the mat, she finds peace and happiness in the natural world. She LOVES to share her knowledge of birds and other wildlife with anyone who lends an ear!  She believes that our gifts, knowledge and talents are meant to be shared, and she hopes to continue helping people find peace, love and happiness, and to encourage everyone to share their unique gifts with the world.



Amber's mindfully guided classes bring to our studio sunshine, smiles and strength. In her caring and heartfelt instruction she challenges us, calms us, bring us to our edge and encourages us to find our strengths.

When she is not practicing at the studio you will find her making connections within the studio.  Outside of the studio you will find her in her out exploring and experiencing nature, spending time with her husband, 5 beautiful children, and her granddaughter- doing the many activities they enjoy together.

Keep an eye on the schedule for her as she will be subbing at Yoga Spirit occasionally!

-A giver of hugs and sharer of smiles-



Susan is a certified Hatha, Kundalini and Restorative Yoga Teacher and a Registered Massage Therapist. Susan has operated the Hilltop Wellness Center for 27 years in Bragg Creek which offers various forms of Bodywork, Body focused counselling, yoga classes, sessions for animals and Healing ceremonies for individuals, groups and Mother Earth (website: