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Workshops & Special Events

Private single or group sessions offered, both on and offsite. 

Facility booking opportunities available.

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Upcoming Workshops/Special Events   

Soul Akashic Activation - Group Akashic Records with a Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

with Nicole Andrea "Oshia" Pemberton

Join amazing humans for a heart opening soul led activation. Open your channel to the wisdom that you are ready to receive. With the guidance of the Akashic records and the plant medicine of cacao you will be held in a safe space.

This space is curated and created for you to deeply listen. Hear the wisdom for you; so that you can take sacred action as you desire. Your multidimensional team is here for you. The medicine from the earth is a gift for you. Are you ready to Align to your Divine design? Let's do this in a sacred ritual ceremony together!

What are the Akashic records?

This is a soul led expansive library where all the books are about you. These records are held with great care by your record keepers. You can access them by asking direct questions. Your job is to be open to listen and receive. After that it is up to you to do the deep soul work to elevate and heal yourself in this life. Excited??

What is CaCao plant medicine?

Cacao is the bean that is the foundation of chocolate. Unprocessed it holds medicine that opens the heart channels of the body. It also provides the body with an abundance of nutrients, minerals, and soul nourishing goodness. It is considered one of the medicines of the Gods! More please!!!

You will be led and held by Nicole Andrea "Oshia" Pemberton
With over 20 years experience curating spaces for 1:1, large, and small groups Nicole is a Master Alchemical facilitator, Certified Akashic record reader, Temple Body Artist/Mentor/Priestess, Womb Priestess, Multidimensional Goddess Channel, Certified Crystal and Reiki practitioner, and Dance artist.  Nicole stands for sharing the alchemical multidimensional resources to support you in creating your path to power in every area of your life with love, respect, integrity, and pleasure!



Friday, November 17th 7-9pm


Sacred Love: Awakening Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies Within

with Tamara Hanson

This workshop is about exploring the profound spiritual depths of your own being by healing, nourishing, and cultivating a love that transcends the physical world.

Join me for a sacred 2-hour workshop that will take you on a journey to harmonize the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within you. Experience the sacred alchemy of balancing these ancient energies and learn how to harmonize the divine strength of the Masculine with the nurturing grace of the Feminine, forging a powerful path toward self-love and spiritual awakening.

We will share practices, rituals, and profound insights that will deepen your connection to your Divine Essence and serve as a gateway to higher states of consciousness. You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding and a stronger connection to the love that is already within you.

Bring a yoga mat, journal and pen, water bottle, blanket/pillow and wear comfortable clothing.


Saturday, November 18th 2-4pm


Sound Baths with Colin Hillstrom

Leave the world behind and find your magic simply by releasing tension and stress as you immerse yourself into a high vibrational acoustic energy field.

Nidra & Sound Baths 

Join us for a healing Yoga Nidra practice led by Maren Jaxen, while being serenaded by Colin and his magical sound bowls.

Mondays @7pm

$20+GST (Passes Accepted)

Sound Journeys 

Just relax and surrender on your yoga mat so that your chakras, endocrine system, and brain can rebalance and realign to experience inner joy, peace, and boundless wellbeing.

*$25 Member Price

*Must have active unlimited monthly or annual pass


Reiki & Restore Workshops with Tracy McFarlane

Reiki and Restore yoga workshops restore vitality and balance in mind and body.

Students will practice restorative yoga, while being guided into yoga practices that will help balance and clear the energy body. Periodically throughout the session, students will receive Reiki energy as practitioners tune into where the student needs the energy the most. The session will be set against a background of wonderfully calming and heart-opening music.

Please feel free to reach out to the teacher with questions or concerns, or have never had a Reiki session before.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.