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Workshops & Special Events

Private single or group sessions offered, both on and offsite. 

Facility booking opportunities available.

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Upcoming Workshops/Special Events

Reiki & Restore 

Workshops with Tracy Macfarlane

We are so excited to be able to offer Reiki and Restorative Yoga! These workshops are a chance for students to focus on self-care, which is a big topic these days for good reason! Intentionally building self-care into our schedule positively affects our bodies, our minds, and extends into our lives.

A Reiki and Restore Yoga Workshop gives people the chance to fill their cups on a monthly basis. We will be practicing Restorative Yoga, along with other yoga practices geared towards bringing your parasympathetic nervous system online (the relaxation response). During the session, practitioners will be channeling Reiki energy to help balance the system, and release any subtle blocks, which helps to bring more vitality and health into the mind and body. Please feel free to reach out to the teacher with questions or concerns, or have never had a Reiki session before.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.

$45+GST Drop-in

Sunday, October 16th 1-3pm


Sunday, November 20th 1-3pm



Meditation in Nature - Nurturing Peacefulness, Kindness and Connection

Workshop with Amarin Dawn

’Time spent in mindfully in Nature invites us to remember that we are a part of everything’

Reawaken your childhood connection to nature with this invitation to practice moment by moment presence within our inner and outer landscape. We navigate this world through our senses; touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting… Nature offers us a sensory feast - birdsong, rustling of leaves, warmth of the sun as it caresses our face, the scolding squirrel, a warm summer breeze… Nature is constantly inviting our attention.

By cultivating an inner quiet and curious spirit we can learn from nature as an enduring teacher.

Over our two hours together we will explore a series of guided meditations, closing with a warm cup of locally harvested tea and heartfelt discussion.

Recent studies show time dedicated to mindful presence in nature lowers our cortisol, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Our immune system is enhanced, our creativity is heightened, our bodies enlivened and strengthened when we rediscover our place in the intricate fabric of life on earth.

Accessible for all bodies/though trail may have some slightly uneven terrain. Beginners and seasoned meditators welcomed!

Amarin Dawn is a certified 'Awake in the Wild’ facilitator, certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher (Jack Kornfield/Tara Brach) guide with the Association of Forest & Nature Therapy, Apprentice with the Interpretive Guides of Canada, OCC Field Guide, Adventure Medic, and Yoga/Meditation teacher of 24yrs.

$40+GST Drop-in

Thursday, September 29th 6:30-8:45pm

*Location to be sent to class participants



Eclipse - Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath

Workshop with Melanie Emlyn

Much like an eclipse, our lives can become shrouded in darkness and we can struggle to navigate this space, often forgetting that the light will soon return.
This workshop is an opportunity to embrace the darkness, using it to ground into the depths of ourselves through gentle yoga movement. We will then channel our innate inner wisdom to heal ourselves and re-establish our connection to the light through intentional meditation.

We’ll finish off with a harmonizing sound bath to cleanse body, mind and spirit.  

Melanie Emlyn is a Calgary based Manual Osteopath, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, International Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. Melanie has been working in the health and wellness field for over a decade and has a passion for educating others on how to heal and find harmony.


Sunday, November 6th 1-3pm 

$45+GST Drop-in



Sound Baths with Colin Hillstrom

Rebalance and restore your body, life, and mind to the frequencies of love, joy, and peace by immersing yourself into the high vibrational acoustic field generated by a set of 12 alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls.

$35+GST Drop-in 

Yin & Sound Bath - Fridays 7-8:15pm

*Beginning Friday, October 7th

Yin Yoga practice led by alternating Yoga Spirit instructors (see schedule)

Sound Bath Meditations - Saturdays 8-9am 

*Beginning Saturday, October 22nd

Meditation led by Colin Hillstrom

Nidra & Sound Bath - Sundays 6:30-7:45pm

*Beginning Sunday, October 2nd

Yoga Nidra practice led by Melanie Lindholm


Registered Series

Mom & Baby Yoga

6 Week Registered Series with Lauren Lutz

This class is designed for the “Mom body” to focus on safely rebuilding the core and the supporting core muscle groups. The perfect mix of Dynamic stretching and yoga flow. Aiming to open up, energize and release tension in your body. Guiding pelvic floor and breath awareness and their connection to movement .
All levels welcome.

Safe 6wk postnatal+, 
Babies and Toddlers welcome.

6 week registered series $108+GST

Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30am - beginning November 1st

*Drop-ins will be permitted if space permits.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 

6 Week Registered Series with Amarin Dawn

One of the beautiful things about mindfulness or a ‘caring awareness’ practice, is we are learning to welcome everything, to be willing and open to be with what is arising with a wholesome mind and heart.

This series will explore what mindfulness/caring awareness is, and what benefits may arise when incorporated into our lives, both formally as a meditation practice, and informally through how we interact within our relationships and experiences.

Each class will offer guided meditations, a short talk and discussion over a cup of herbal tea. A manageable daily practice will be encouraged, that overtime will support the capacity to abide in our lives and all that it offers with care, kindness and compassion.

I look forward to sharing in this experience with you.

Amarin Dawn

Amarin Dawn is a certified 'Awake in the Wild’ facilitator, certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher (Jack Kornfield/Tara Brach) guide with the Association of Forest & Nature Therapy, Apprentice with the Interpretive Guides of Canada, OCC Field Guide, Adventure Medic, and Yoga/Meditation teacher of 24yrs.

6 week registered series $90+GST

Mondays, 5:45-6:45pm - beginning October 17th

*Drop-ins will be permitted if space permits.