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Upcoming Workshops/Special Events        

Cosmic Gong Bath with Kimberly Dick

"As above, so below" meaning what happens in the higher realms happens in the lower realms here on planet Earth. Imagine drifting away on the frequencies of the cosmos allowing the wisdom of the spheres to wash over your energy field.

This cosmic gong sound immersion features the planetary gongs, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums and more to attune each participant's microcosmic orbit to access their own innate wisdom and soul purpose. This deep restorative experience provides a gentle reset for the body, mind & soul.

Friday, May 31st 7-8pm  



MBNC – Mindfulness-Based Nature Connection: A Six- Week Nature Meditation Course

Mindful in Nature as a Doorway to Connection

Course Overview:

Join us for this course that explores accessible and powerful meditation practices in the beauty of nature. Each week we will guide participants in various nature meditations that allow people to refine their meditation practice, deepen their awareness of the natural world, and open up to qualities of delight, insight, and awe. We will also give short talks on various mindfulness in nature themes as well as offer times for discussion and inquiry.

You will learn to cultivate many beautiful nature practices including foundational techniques like breathing with nature, arriving practice, mindfulness of body outdoors, and listening meditation. You will also learn sensory awareness meditations and how to practice meditation as a meandering practice with various points of focus such as orientating toward curiosity, love, or open awareness. You will explore heart-based meditations like gratitude practice, loving and being loved meditation, and there will be wisdom meditations on the elements, interconnection, knowing and being known meditation, and a host of other accessible and powerful contemplative practices.

Learning Objectives:

- Cultivate a natural mindful presence outdoors

- Study a variety of nature meditation practices that can be practiced anywhere - Access expansive qualities of joy, awe, and wonder

- Develop intimacy with the natural world

- Join a rich learning community of like-minded meditators Deepen your meditative journey!

10 participants max

Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm

June 6th to July 11th

Investment: $225+GST (partial scholarships may be available, please connect with us to inquire)


Meet Your Guide: 

I am Amarin Dawn,   Mother, Grandmother, Lover,  tree hugger, animal activist,  and a mentor for Inter-Being.

I am deeply grateful for a rich and busy life. I value my  Days spent Inspiring  nature connection through an environmental not-for-profit ‘Experience Journeys’  dreamed into being with my life partner. I relish my plant based cheffing at  ‘The Heart’,  a vegan cafe founded with my eldest daughter.  And , most importantly,  I love hugging trees with my Grandson.   
I am sometimes  fearful, furious and heartbroken for our planet.  I am grateful for the contemplative nature connection practices that invite me back to remembering I am love and in this, intricately woven into this web of life. 
I savour laying in mossy beds.  I cry when the Red Wing blackbirds arrive in the Spring.  I am most at home in my tent in forests and mountain meadows.  Trees are my therapists. Birdsong my favourite genre.    
I am Fiercely in love with this planet and all life it supports.  
My aspiration is that my actions inspire others to care for this planet, so deeply in need of our compassionate attention.
-There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again-  Rumi
Amarin’s Awake in the Wild (Mindfulness in Nature) facilitator training is complemented by her certification as a  Mindfulness Teacher with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Association of Forest and Nature Therapy Guide,  Outdoor medic, Apprentice guide with the Interpretive Guides of Canada,  Outdoor Council of Canada Field leader, 25 years as a yoga teacher/studio owner  and a lifetime of living within the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

Amarin lives, works and plays along the headwaters of the Elbow river in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies,  traditional lands of the Iyarhe Nakoda , Tsuu T’ina , and the rich and diverse more than human inhabitants.


Couples Yoga with Amarin & Dave

For yoga veterans and newbies alike, a stress-free option for someone new to the mat.

This two hour 15 minute class is a fun and playful exploration of both restorative and invigorating partner postures.

Benefits of couples Yoga include increased relationship satisfaction, reduced anxiety and stress, improved intimacy and sex life and increased communication and trust.

Sharing interests is a great way for couples to get to know each other better and connect on new levels, whether the relationship is new or very long-term. Working on partner poses can improve your trust and physical connection, as well as help couples to feel more in sync after busy days of running in different directions.

Over time you will see changes in you and your partner’s body as Yoga improves your muscle flexibility, strength and tone. As you delight in your improved wellness & confidence, these changes may spark renewed attractions with your loved one.

The stress relief that yoga provides will help you, your partner, and those around you. Stress always manages to creep from one area of our lives into another. Partners can feel each other’s stress and may take some of it on themselves. Yoga is a great way to let the stress melt away and create a calmer, happier environment for your relationships. Release those endorphins and let the positive energy flow!

There are so many health benefits to yoga, and who doesn’t want a healthy partner? When you are both taking care of yourselves physically and mentally, you can better take care of each other for a very long time.

Saturday, June 15th 7-9:15pm

$38+GST per couple


Breath & Movement to Journey Inwards

Yoga Asana, Nidra and Cello with Patty Sage & Jasmine Nöella Burton

Your evening will start with a gentle asana practice, followed by nestling into a yoga nidra practice.

Drop inward with the deep, grounding sounds of Patty Sage's energy and live cello performance.

Bring comfortable clothes, an eye pillow, regular pillow, journal and extra layers. Other props provided in the space.

Sunday, June 23rd 5-7pm  



Sound Baths with Colin Hillstrom

Leave the world behind and find your magic simply by releasing tension and stress as you immerse yourself into a high vibrational acoustic energy field.

Nidra & Sound Baths 

Join us for a healing Yoga Nidra practice led by Maren Jaxen, while being serenaded by Colin and his magical sound bowls.

Mondays @7pm

$20+GST (Passes Accepted)

Sound Journeys 

Just relax and surrender on your yoga mat so that your chakras, endocrine system, and brain can rebalance and realign to experience inner joy, peace, and boundless wellbeing.

*$25 Member Price

*Must have active unlimited monthly or annual pass


Spirit Sisters Circle with Kelly Day

Women have circled for centuries, gathering in sacred space, honoring the intuitive and nurturing aspects of the divine feminine. Over time, this magic has laid dormant or been suppressed by patriarchy and the fast-paced and often disconnected ways in which we live. As consciousness rises among us, we can feel this stir of the feminine and her call to be rediscovered. Sister circles are a powerful way to reclaim the divine feminine within us, within our communities, and beyond.
Each sister circle provides a nurturing and sacred space to hold and be held. A place to come as you are and be accepted with love. A place to quiet the mind, listen to intuitive messages, and step towards your highest truth. A place to nurture and grow your spiritual connection and a sisterhood like no other. A place to embrace the vulnerable aspects of ourselves and create a container where vulnerability is welcomed with open arms. Join Kelly Day as she leads you through weekly sister circle gatherings.
Each circle will have a unique theme to explore and will include meditation and mindfulness practices, thoughtful connection, sacred ritual and journaling. Please bring a journal and pen, yoga mat and any special items that can be added to the sacred altar.

Wednesdays @7pm

$30+GST (Passes Accepted)

First Circle is FREE with discount code FREECIRCLE