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Workshops & Special Events

Private single or group sessions offered, both on and offsite. 

Facility booking opportunities available.

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Upcoming Workshops/Special Events 

Breathe into Alignment Workshop

with Matthew Furlong

The breath is the doorway to the soul. In this workshop we will explore various breathwork techniques that will enable us to tap into the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and leaving you feeling energized and ready to move.  

A physical practice will follow, in which we will focus on the breath and proper alignment of some of the more common poses in yoga.  Adjustments, assists and modifications will be offered while in your postures to help you perfect your alignment and find your edge.

The workshop will close with some breathwork and meditation to balance and calm the body and mind.

What to bring:
Yoga mat
Snacks (some snacks, water and tea will be available)
Open mind

Saturday, June 3rd 10am-1pm


"Into Silence" Mini Retreat

with Yulia & Kevin

Let go of the fast pace and the constant stimulation of phones and social media, and treat yourself to a deeply restorative afternoon of silence, gentle movement, nature and chocolate.
This Mini Retreat offers a silent Gentle & Yin Yoga practice for all levels (beginners welcome) followed by a silent walking meditation in the peaceful area of Bragg Creek. We continue with tea and an organic chocolate and rose treat, and let our sense of taste truly savour the quiet experience. The afternoon closes with a guided Nidra Meditation which includes a full body relaxation, clearing of blocks and low vibrational energies, as well as inspirational guided imagery.
Tapping into silence allows us to deeply reconnect with the authentic self and our sense of purpose. It helps to channel our energies and gain a sense of clarity, inner peace and strength. Studies show that silence can stimulate new cell growth in the brain, improve memory and release tension from the body and brain, because of the way it changes blood circulation and pressure in the brain.
Yulia has been offering therapeutic and trauma sensitive Yoga as well as Nidra Meditation for over a decade. She has been guiding regular Wellness Retreats in the Calgary and Banff area, as well as in British Columbia.  Yulia also feels passionate about supporting her clients with private Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions to feel their very best and to reach their highest potential.
Kevin started practicing daily buddhist meditations 30 years ago and has ever since incorporated its teachings into his daily life. He has been part of the Tibetan community over the last decades, and meditation practice and silence play a vital role in his life.
Limited to 12 participants

Sunday, June 11th 12:45-4pm


Movement & Dreaming

with Lucinda Pearce

Across the world, through the ages; dance is a way to pray, be in ceremony, listen to the body and to dream with something deep within and around us.

This is a meditative, moving practice to music blended with a circle for storytelling, collective sharing, and dreaming. It is a way to learn a language inside us, only the natural world remembers.

First half of class we will be moving to music & guidance. Second half will be sitting in circle sharing our stories with the sacred stones.

⏩️ Last Sunday of each month at Yoga Spirit Studio in Bragg Creek.  No prior experienced required.

⏩️ Wear clothes you can move in. Bring a blanket, journal, water bottle and tennis ball size stone from any water source. Please arrive 10min before to settle in.

Please email Lucinda with questions: or text 403-837-5655.


Sunday, June 25th 4-7pm

Sunday, July 30th 4-7pm


Reiki & Restore Workshops with Tracy McFarlane

Reiki and Restore yoga workshops restore vitality and balance in mind and body.

Students will practice restorative yoga, while being guided into yoga practices that will help balance and clear the energy body. Periodically throughout the session, students will receive Reiki energy as practitioners tune into where the student needs the energy the most. The session will be set against a background of wonderfully calming and heart-opening music.

Please feel free to reach out to the teacher with questions or concerns, or have never had a Reiki session before.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.


Sunday, September 10th 1-3pm

 Sunday, October 14th 10am-12pm


Sound Baths with Colin Hillstrom

Leave the world behind and find your magic simply by releasing tension and stress as you immerse yourself into a high vibrational acoustic energy field.

Nidra & Sound Baths 

Join us for a healing Yoga Nidra practice led by Maren Jaxen, while being serenaded by Colin and his magical sound bowls.

Mondays @7pm

$20+GST (Passes Accepted)

Sound Journeys 

Just relax and surrender on your yoga mat so that your chakras, endocrine system, and brain can rebalance and realign to experience inner joy, peace, and boundless wellbeing.

*$15 Member Price
*Must have active unlimited monthly or annual pass

Full Moon Sound Journey - Saturday, June 3rd 7:30-8:30pm

New Moon Sound Journey - Sunday, June 18th 7:30-8:30pm


AlivEmotion Music & Movement with Rhonda Ann Clarke

“To Dance means to decide in the moment 
Who I want to be and therefore, 
become Who I am.” 
Daniel Wolf (creator of alivEmotion music)
AlivEmotion is a gentle, grounded music and movement experience that uses specially made music to create choices. Rhonda opens with guided sensory visuals to help you connect more deeply with your body.  After we journey through our senses, Rhonda invites you to explore your movement journey in your unique way. “What moves, moves”.

Mondays @7pm