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Yoga Spirit offers a variety of classes to suit your individual needs.  Modifications are offered whenever possible, making many classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

We strive to create a welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere where students will feel comfortable and at peace in their environment.  


Ashtanga Yoga (Basic)

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that follows a set sequence of postures. Students flow between poses in rhythm with the breath. The mind is calmed by focusing the gaze and using a specific breathing technique. The practice promotes mental clarity and leaves the practitioner feeling lighter and uplifted.

In this class we will break down the Ashtanga system (sequence, poses, and philosophies), and teach options that will encourage students to feel into the practice and discover what works best for them. In time, the aim will be to gradually build endurance to the practice.

All levels welcome, although some yoga experience is recommended.


Ashtanga Yoga (Half Primary Series)

The Half Primary Ashtanga Yoga Series is a short form of the Full Primary Ashtanga Yoga Series (~30 minutes less). In Half Primary we practice all of the seated postures up to and including Navasana (Boat Pose). We will then finish with the 3 Closing Postures or the entire Closing Sequence, beginning with back bending (Urdhva Dhanurasana).
These asanas are designed in such a way so as to help students build strength and flexibility.
The most common sequence of Ashtanga Yoga practiced around the world is the Primary Series (mainly the Full Primary Series), while most beginners practice the Half Primary Series.
As this class can be physically demanding, some yoga experience is recommended.

Gentle Flow

In this slower-paced yoga class, focus is placed on the breath while students practice controlled movements and stretches.  The body is gently moved into different poses that will increase both your strength and flexibility, at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness. 

Suitable for all levels.


Hatha Flow

This class links breath with movement and will empower the mind, body and spirit. You will develop strength, stamina and flexibility as you challenge your body, slowly and deliberately moving into different poses.

Modifications and variations for postures will be given, allowing each student to experience the full benefits of each posture.

All levels welcome.


Vinyasa Flow / Spirit Flow

This class is a beautiful balance of strength, stability, mindfulness and movement.

Designed as a moving meditation, each practice is unique with all sequences centred around aligning movement with breath.

This dynamic practice will challenge the body and calm the mind, while at the same time enhance flexibility, range of motion, and

All levels welcome. Some yoga experience recommended.


Power Flow

Join us for a vigorous, detoxifying, strength-based class that will work your body to the core, while also building flexibility, and endurance. 

This faster-paced class will follow a challenging, flowing sequence of poses that will wake up your body and mind and make you sweat! 


Strong & Slow Flow

In this "intelligent flow" class we will focus on alignment, developing strength and stability blended with the added element of dynamic movement.  Poses are strategically chosen to create fire in the body, all while linked together with breath. This class is sure to leave you feeling energized, stronger and ready to take on the day!   


Flow & Restore

The perfect combination!  This class begins with a moving meditation in the form of a traditional flow class to get you energized before you transition into a state of relaxation and stillness as found in a restorative class.  


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga incorporates a series of gentle yogic techniques to specifically target problem areas of the body.

Our bodies hold a wealth of wisdom, remembering everything we’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately this also means that our bodies can hold a tremendous amount of stress. By slowing way down we are able to make contact with this innate intelligence.

During the class Maryna will use gentle yoga asana (postures), Osteopathic Japanese techniques, therapeutic adjustments and a variety of yoga props to address specific issues a person may have. Classes tend to be relaxing and deeply nourishing.

Therapeutic Yoga is adaptive to the individual so Maryna will offer a variety of modifications along the way.

This class is suitable for all levels.



A wholesome, nourishing class that will have you savouring the peace and contentment that arises in a deeply relaxing state of yoga.  This fully supportive class will utilize props, breath and stillness to untangle tensions in both the body and mind.

This class is suitable for all levels.



A deeply nourishing class, Yin Yoga utilizes long holds in order to stretch not only the muscle tissues in the body, but also the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding the joints and bones.  Yin Yoga has many proven benefits, including enhanced joint mobility, improved energy flow and increased mental focus.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Yoga Nidra

Practiced in the posture of Savasana, Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Often referred to as "yogic sleep", it is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream where one appears to be asleep but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness.

Through this process we are able to bypass any resistance potentially created by the conscious mind and plant seeds of intention directly into our subconscious. Essentially, we are creating a shortcut between our thoughts (intention) and the manifestation of our soul's truest desires.

A beautiful, restorative practice, one hour of Yoga Nidra has been proven to be as beneficial to the body as 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Join us as we relax, restore, heal and manifest our dreams together.

This class is suitable for all levels.

26 & 2

This class follows a series of 26 yoga postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises designed to work every muscle, joint and ligament in the body.  Prepare to sweat and build heat in the body as you perform each asana twice in sequential order. 

This class is great for grounding the body and mind, and has many benefits including increased strength and flexibility, oxygenated blood circulation, better posture and increased energy and concentration.  


AlivEmotion Music & Movement

AlivEmotion is a gentle, grounded music and movement experience that uses specially made music to create choices. Rhonda opens with guided sensory visuals to help you connect more deeply with your body.  After we journey through our senses, Rhonda invites you to explore your movement journey in your unique way. “What moves, moves”.