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Collection: Orgonic Realms - Handmade Orgonite by Matthew Furlong

What is it? Orgonite generates Orgone energy, which is the life force energy of the world. Also called ki, prana, mana, biofield energy, etc. Orgonite, which is made from resin, crystals and metal, absorbs and converts negative EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies, which affects the body and mind in many negative ways), into positive orgone energy which we can use to heal and grow. Especially in our modern era of electronic technology always around us, we need something to counter this energy, and Orgone energy is the answer. 
Place Orgonite near any electronic equipment such as routers, phones, computers, tv, etc. It can also help change the structure of water to be more beneficial for the body, or placed near food to keep it fresh longer.  Orgonite can also help plants grow, and animals and kids love them as well as they can feel the energy better than most of us can.

All are made with quartz, copper, aluminum and/or brass. Others may include amethyst, shungite, tourmaline, selenite, citrine, turquoise, rose quartz, red jasper, etc. All coils are hand made, which in themself have energy, and acts and an amplifier for the crystals.